Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Tobacco Smoke Enema

It's almost as if the stars are in alignment for the reappearance of the Arsole Fantüme ("He Murders By Enema!") novel. The above email has been making the rounds recently (and forwarded to me a couple of times now) showing a tobacco enema kit.

Of course, Arsole Fantüme doesn't use a tobacco enema in the novel- his ingredients are much, much worse!

Wikipedia has more about the tobacco enema, as you might expect:

To physicians of the time, the appropriate treatment for "apparent death" was warmth and stimulation. For this purpose, artificial respiration and the blowing of smoke into the lungs or the rectum were thought to be interchangeably useful. The smoke enema was considered the most potent method, however, due to the warming and stimulating properties associated with tobacco in the pharmacopoeia of the period. At the turn of the 19th century, tobacco smoke enemas had become an established practice in Western medicine, considered by Humane Societies to be as important as artificial respiration.

That is pretty amazing. But that might be why Arsole Fantüme doesn't use the tobacco smoke enema- it's too well-established in the medical community.

Wikipedia's also got some great pictures:

Of course you're encouraged to check out the novel for sale here. And also why not check out the rest of this blog for more Arsole information?

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