Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doesn't The Hamburglar Kind of Resemble Arsole Fantüme?

Were the creators of the McDonald's fast food restaurant character "The Hamburglar" aware of the "Arsole Fantüme" novel? It's pretty obscure, so we can't know for sure. But what we can see is that, like Arsole Fantüme, The Hamburglar wears a wide-brimmed hat and mask. Also, Hamburglar has a black cloak, not unlike the dark coat favored by Arsole.

Here's a detail from one of the illustrations from the 1901 novel:

And here's a picture of The Hamburglar:

I guess if we ever see The Hamburglar giving Grimace an enema, we'll know for sure if "Arsole Fantüme" was an influence.

UPDATE: Order the novel Arsole Fantüme, Gentleman Immoralist from amazon here.

Hamburglar pic source.

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